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Brave Game 2 filed until December 6 to meet Southern Station

“Brave Game 2” filed until December 6 to meet “Southern Station”
On November 25th, directed by Jack Kasdan, “Rock” Dawn Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan returned to the Hollywood action adventure giant “Brave Game 2:”Fight to the Peak” (hereinafter referred to as “Brave Game 2”) officially announced that it will be released from December 13 to December 6 and will be released?Eight new films such as “Southern Station Gathering”, “Interstellar Discovery”, and “The Whistle” compete on the same day.The box office analyst Luo Tianwen said that the breakthrough of “Brave Game 2” saw Sony’s confidence in the film. “Although many Hollywood IP sequels have been released in succession in the underground in recent months, their box office andWord of mouth did not perform as expected.After the summer period, the mainland market has not seen Hollywood phenomenal movies for three months in a row. At this time, the quality assurance of the word of mouth of “Brave Game 2” can often set off waves in the market and further promote the market craze.Luo Tianwen analyzed that the reason why the film dared to raise the file should come from optimism and confidence in the film’s word of mouth.Generally speaking, Hollywood blockbuster with word-of-mouth confidence will choose to conduct a small-scale screening in advance in overseas regions to spread the word-of-mouth, but it is still rare that such a game as Brave Game 2 will be released in North America for three weeks in advance.The operation can also polish the publisher Sony Colombia to have enough confidence in the film’s word of mouth.Judging from the current word-of-mouth evaluation, many media comments are that the action and special effects have exceeded expectations, and the thrilling events of level upgrades have also caused the audience to sweat and accelerate their heartbeat when watching the movie.The world’s first screening venue received unanimous praise, and many media also said it was the best action movie in the second half of this year.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Wei Zhuo