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Post-80s secret old 20 manifestations_1

Post-80s secret “old” 20 performances

1. I don’t like texting much anymore. It’s better to talk to each other and I like to talk short.
  2, do not like to spend too much time immersed in emotional thinking, I feel that kind of sensational plot is no longer yours.
  3. Sometimes I like to be alone, but you do n’t care about self-pity. You like to go online, listen to songs, and enjoy yourself. You play games occasionally.
  4. In the past, I only loved to watch entertainment programs and waited on time. Now you like to view channels, and you often pay attention to scientific exploration.
  5. You will take the time to go to the cinema to watch a movie. When you were a kid, you thought it was a very romantic place. You are now petting your familiar director and your favorite actor.
  6, added a lot of QQ groups, from elementary school to work, who are interested in the same or the same constellation, but you do not like to speak in the group.
  7. Sometimes you write blogs and some photos. You don’t often visit other people’s blogs because the things in your blog are written for yourself.
  8. The occasional humming song, or the melody you are familiar with a few years ago, may not remember the lyrics, but still humming.
  9. There will be at least one book at the bedside. Maybe it is a book you haven’t read, but it must be a good book. You will occasionally read it to know that you have finished reading.
  10. Start to discover the seriousness of not eating breakfast, you will fill your stomach no matter what.
  11, can never give the exact answer of your age, 22 or 23, 22 and a half years old.
  12. With a ledger, you won’t know where the money is going as before.
  13. Start spending a weekend shopping in the supermarket and buy your daily necessities for a week or even half a month.
You’ll remember that the refrigerator is full when it’s empty.
  14. When I was a kid, I liked to throw things around, and now you see where things are not tidy, you will naturally clean up. You are uncomfortable.
  15. When you called your parents, you started telling them to pay attention to their health. Sometimes you feel like you are an adult, and they are like your children.
  16. Don’t waste water or electricity.
  17. There may not be many clothes, but they will always be decent.
  18. Occasionally drink friends and colleagues party, you will have a drink, but you will not easily get yourself drunk.
  19. When I see very young children, I feel that my childhood is really good.
  20. There is a frequently visited forum.