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Fat-reducing nutritional supplements

Fat-reducing nutritional supplements

The pre-match fat reduction of excellent bodybuilders is carried out step by step based on scientific monitoring.

During the preparation for the World Championships and the Asian Championships, the members of the Chinese bodybuilding training team are mainly divided into the following stages: the slow fat-reduction period, the fast fat-reduction period and the competition period.

Here, a brief introduction to the nutritional characteristics of the slow fat loss period before the game.


Ensure reasonable electrostatic absorption.

Because the strength training and aerobic training of bodybuilders during fat loss before the competition are very intensive, certain transfer is the basis for maintaining their athletic ability and lean weight.

During the period of 6-12 weeks before the game, in order to maintain a slim weight and control body fat at a very low level, bodybuilders usually keep their bodies in a negative balance with each other, that is, avoid excessive consumption, so as to burn adults and reduceThe purpose of body fat.

Studies have shown that the transition to the slow fat loss period before the game introduces about 35-38 kcal / kg body weight, which is currently considered a scientific and reasonable transformation, which can enable athletes to reduce muscle loss while reducing fat.

In the fast fat-reducing period 1 week before the game, the transfer can be as low as 30-33 kcal / kg body weight.

The most reasonable way to adjust the introduction of the season transition is to achieve a level of 15% lower than usual.

It should be pointed out that excessively strict transitional absorption will affect the recovery of fatigue after exercise, reduce exercise capacity, and increase lean body mass loss.


Supplementation must ensure sufficient protein intake to reduce muscle breakdown and maintain lean body mass.

In the nutrition intervention research conducted by Beijing Kangbit Sports Nutrition Institute for the athletes of the Chinese bodybuilding training team preparing for the Asian Championships, they kept the protein of the athletes before the competition basically at about 30% of the total migration.

Physical monitoring results show that during the fat-free period before the game, except for one player who needs to be downgraded, the two players had increased their lean weight at the same time as losing fat, but the lean weight slightly decreased during the rapid weight loss. This resultSame as foreign research.

In the replacement of the pre-match degreasing phase, high-level protein intake (about 30% of total conversion) can reduce lean body mass more effectively than low-level protein absorption (about 15% of total conversion).Lost.

At the same time, high protein intake can relatively increase the heating effect of food, thereby promoting the burning of body fat, which also helps to reduce body fat.

From the source of protein food, egg white, chicken breast, fish, shrimp, lean beef, etc. are all high-quality low-fat proteins.


Ensure a certain amount of carbonized implants.

Even before the game, the right amount of carbonization is an important guarantee for high-intensity training before the game.

Foreign studies have also shown that the amount of carbonization before the game should be guaranteed at about 50%.

This can prevent muscle breakdown and large loss of lean weight caused by insufficient sugar intake, while ensuring sufficient glycogen in muscle and increasing muscle fullness.


Control adult intake.

Excessive adult intake will increase body fat, which is not conducive to fat loss before the game: but too strict restrictions will lead to a decrease in blood lactone levels and a decrease in fat-soluble vitamin absorption, so a low blood glucose dose should be used before the game, which will be adultIt is advisable for humans to control 15% -20% of the total trace absorption.

Lin Peiqu, a well-known domestic bodybuilder, pays great attention to ensuring appropriate temporary replacement, ensuring the absorption of unsaturated fatty acids such as low-fat feed once a day, and preventing the shortage of tyrosine synthesis raw materials.

  In addition, during the slow fat-reducing period before the game, do not overly restrict the slight substitution, 15%?
A light intake of 20% is quite reasonable.

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts use an oil-free diet throughout the year to control the trace intake to 10%, while affecting the secretion of testosterone in the body. At the same time, because the restricted trace part is mainly oil, it causes a deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin e, andAffects the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.


Food source.

Food sources of protein mainly include chicken breast, egg white, grass carp, shrimp, etc. Food sources mainly include steamed buns, rice porridge, rice, watermelon, banana, etc.

The main cooking methods for food are boiling (without salt), steaming, dry frying (without oil), vegetables, and raw fruits.