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[How to pass matcha cream]_How to do_Usage

[How to pass matcha cream]_How to do_Usage

When making matcha, you need matcha cream, and matcha cream needs to be passed. This is the most common method of baking. To pass matcha cream, you must first prepare an electric eggbeater and keep the container dry.To avoid the failure of passing, in addition, the cream must be refrigerated in the refrigerator before. Let’s take a look at how the matcha cream is passed.

How to pass matcha cream 1, tools.

Electric eggbeater.

Do not believe in four chopsticks or manual egg beaters. I personally experimented for almost an hour, and my hands were almost broken, and the cream did not change much.

2, special precautions, be sure to keep the container dry, otherwise it is not easy to pass.

It’s best to keep the cream in the refrigerator beforehand.

3. Pour the cream into a dry container and use a whisk to stir.

4. After stirring for a while, add a small amount of sugar and matcha powder, you can change to high speed stirring.

5. Stir for a while at high speed, add some sugar and matcha powder, and continue to stir.

Usually repeated three times.

6, pass until the cream can form a small tip.

The basic method is as follows: 1. Warm the bowl and blanch the tea bowl with the tea scoop.

Ointment (This is an experience inherited by the ancient Chinese in practice. This procedure is not available in Japanese tea ceremony.

) Put 2 grams of matcha in the bowl, add a small amount (a few grams) of water, and make the matcha paste. This can prevent the very delicate matcha from clumping.

2. To order tea, use a scoop according to the trajectory of W and brush it back and forth against the bottom of the bowl to mix it with a large amount of air to form a thick foam.