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Drink herbal tea in autumn, choose Luo Han Guo

Drink herbal tea in autumn, choose Luo Han Guo

Fall in the fire: Runfei Chen Ruifang, director of the Department of Defense of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the summer is hot and people sweat a lot. If my body is hot, it is a yin deficiency and fire that has little water in the body, which is easy to appear.Sore throat and other symptoms.

In autumn, most of the people in this climate are prone to these symptoms when the summer heat is still present and the air is drier.

It is not called getting angry, but Qiuzao.

  This is what many people feel after autumn-dry skin, chapped skin, dry mouth and nose, dry throat and thirst, dry cough and sputum, dry stool and so on.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is dominated by the lungs, and “lungs, be happy and moisturize.”

If the above symptoms of fire occur in the fall, you should choose foods that nourish the lungs. The lungs are moist and smooth, and the dryness of the body can be eliminated, that is, “fire”.

  Luo Han Guo is the first choice for autumn herbal tea. People in Guangzhou have always loved drinking herbal tea. When they have dry throat and thirst symptoms, they will think of herbal tea.

Chen Ruifang introduced that different brands of herbal teas have different formulas.

Drinking herbal tea in autumn is not enough to choose heat and detoxification, but should choose to moisten lungs.

The key ingredients are Luo Han Guo, Bamboo Cane, Yuzhu, and Ophiopogon, which are very suitable for autumn.

For example, Luo Han Guo Wu Hua Tea, Maogan Bamboo Cane Water, etc.

  However, Chen Ruifang also suggested that people with spleen deficiency should not drink herbal tea.

The so-called spleen deficiency syndrome is that people who often have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and edema.

In addition, if you don’t know how to choose the efficacy of herbal tea, don’t make a random choice.

Ping Qiuzao on the diet is the best choice.

  Autumn nourishing with food therapy to avoid heat tonic autumn tonic should be tonic, flat tonic.

Except for those with yang deficiency, do not consume too much warm foods or medicines, such as lamb, dog meat, ginseng, velvet antler, cinnamon, etc., or it will easily aggravate autumn dryness.

  Should be Qingrun to prevent dryness, eat more vegetables, fruits, and drink plenty of water.

Fruits include pear, sugarcane, loquat, banana, loquat, etc.

  Eat less spicy, fried, and fried foods.

If the following symptoms occur, under the normal diet, eat more food on the right.

  Symptoms: Seasonal insomnia coping: fungus rock sugar water Note: This soup is flat and can be consumed by men, women and children regardless of their physique.

  Symptoms: Autumn cough coping: Chuanbei stewed lean meat Symptoms: Close stools Coping: Adenophora japonicus water, bamboo cane horseshoe water Note: Fruit horseshoe through stool is very effective.

  Symptoms: dry throat and thirst response: snow clam paste papaya rock sugar water, overlord flower pork bone soup, Ophiophyllum tremella soup