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21-year-old man quits at home after suffering from workplace phobia

21-year-old man quits at home after suffering from workplace phobia

Core Tips: The “2010 China College Student Employment Report” shows that 38% of college graduates leave within half a year. Fear is the main cause.

  21-year-old Luo Yu (a pseudonym, referred to as Ronaldinho), graduated from a vocational school and is the only child.

He had three work experiences, but all ended in hastily. The first time he resigned was fighting because he couldn’t accept a joke from a colleague. The second time he felt isolated and unbearable. The third time the boss asked him to be a guest. He felt thatThe boss wants to take advantage of him.

Luo believes that he cannot adapt to the interpersonal communication in the workplace, and he has a fear of going to work. No matter how embarrassing his parents are, he just doesn’t dare to go out to find a job and has been at home for six months.

  First job: An electronics workshop in Jiangsu Duration: Resignation in the past year fuse: Unfamiliar colleagues joked about him “I think there is a problem in handling interpersonal relationships.

Xiao Luo introduced that his first job was to work in an electronics workshop in Jiangsu.

“It was a time to go to work to check the time card. A colleague who was not familiar with me made a joke because we had a quarrel and had a fight.

Luo told the Chongqing Evening News that after the conflict, he felt that the people in the company were difficult to get along with, so he left the company.

  ”This is my first job and the longest working one so far for almost a year. At that time, a friend advised me to let me do my full salary before leaving, but I really do n’t know how to get along with my colleagues.Leave without asking.

“Second job: a large electronics manufacturing plant in Chongqing Duration: half a year resignation fuse: other colleagues can talk and laugh, but he can’t find anyone to talk to Ronaldo left a large electronics company in Chongqing after leaving JiangsuManufacturing plant, but he only stayed here for half a year.

Ronaldinho believes that what eventually led him to leave was that he was “isolated by his colleagues.”

  ”In the electronics factory in Shapingba University Town, I rarely communicate with my colleagues. I have never lived in a collective life since I was a child, and I have not lived in a collective dormitory in the factory.

Xiao Luo said that he and his colleague are like a robot, repeat the same action at work, and go home without saying hello.

  ”Strangely, other colleagues can talk and laugh, and when I’m unhappy, no one comes to listen to me, and I can’t find anyone to talk to. This kind of interpersonal relationship is too indifferent and the atmosphere is very exciting.Stifled by surprise.

Ronaldinho doesn’t even want to remember how he got along with his colleagues.

  The third job: Motorcycle factory Duration: 3 months Resignation fuse: The leader wants him to treat guests, and he feels that the leader took a bribe to Ronaldo and found a job in the motorcycle factory, but only stayed for 3 months.

  ”I don’t know how to get along with the leader, and I go again.

Xiao Luo said that the resignation from the motorcycle factory was because the leader once passed a familiar colleague and told him that he hoped that he would be invited to dinner. Colleagues said that this may be the leader wants to help him to improve the relationship between colleagues, butThe understanding is that this is the leader’s desire to greedy him, and is a blatant solicitation of bribes.

  ”Of course I did not treat guests, and the leaders felt that I was not sensible.

I noticed that the leaders saw smiley faces when they saw others, and the bitter gourd face when they saw me.

Luo said.