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101 questionnaires, revealing where Dare scholars in Creation Camp 2020

101 questionnaires, revealing where “Dare” scholars in “Creation Camp 2020”
“Creation Camp 2020” officially returned to the public’s perspective three weeks ago.This spring, there are hundreds of girls fighting for their dreams, and their efforts and growth will be seen by more people.Beginning in 2018, the selection of variety shows by various groups has input a lot of new life into the performing arts circle, and also let the outside world recognize the most authentic youthful appearance of young people today.Now in its third year, it is transforming after 95 and growing after 00.The teenagers and girls of this era seem to be more courageous, more confident, and imitate vitality than the previous ones.To explore the attitudes and expressions of contemporary young people, sent a “youth questionnaire” to 120 audiences of different ages, genders, and backgrounds, and 101 young girls in “Creation Camp 2020”.The questionnaire contains an examination of “self” and an observation of the world.Each sample is called a completely different and unique answer.But from these seemingly simple questions, we can re-order and restore the character commonality of young people in the current era, as well as their truest attitudes towards life and society.”Luffy” is most appreciated and self-confident, and courageous is their self-cognition. Every young person has what he wants in his heart. Whether it is a historical great or a virtual character, it can represent the ideal portrait of the contemporary young people.In the “most admired virtual characters” of the girls in the creation camp, Luffy in the anime “One Piece” was mentioned the most frequently, and a total of six girls regarded him as an idol.In a survey of 120 social groups, nearly 30% of the people thought that self-confident and courageous Luffy is most worthy of appreciation by contemporary young people.As the most popular Japanese manga in the 1990s, the protagonist of “One Piece” Lu Fei is positive and optimistic, with strong willpower and a confident smile all over his body.[Most Admired Virtual Characters]Keywords (in addition to the charts, there are also Wei Wuxian, Altman, Luo Tianyi, Harry Potter, Balala Little Magic Fairy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Feitian in the index results40 virtual characters such as Little Policewoman, Big Big Wolf, and Captain Jack all got one vote), this questionnaire also talked about “the most satisfactory and unsatisfactory appearances”, many of them can say two, three oneSelf-satisfied parts.For example, nearly 40% of girls think their eyes are beautiful, and there are five girls who are confident that they are very good, without any dissatisfaction.[Most satisfied and dissatisfied with oneself]keyword and in “Which one do you dislike most?” 20% of the girls mentioned “self-doubt” and “indecision”; one in ten girls did not like themselvesProcrastination, there is no self-control, but there are also some girls who do not “dislike” themselves too much.[Which one do you like least?]Keywords (in addition to the chart, there are also words in the index results, tangled, sensitive, suspicious, rash, low double quotient, perfectionism and other 12 answers all get a vote) whether it is attitudeExpression is still his ideal appearance. This generation of young people want to be more confident, courageous, and stricter with themselves.The producer of “Creation Camp 2020” Duo Xiaomeng also talked about his personal experience of the attitude change of young people in an interview with Sauna Night.He took the recording of “Creation Camp 2020” as an example.In the initial scholar interview, there was a pair of sisters who came together.In the 30-second vocal and dance examination, my sister was obviously better, but my sister showed a more profound “uninhibition” and “freedom.”Any program group exerts an appropriate degree of pressure on her, she can use the most optimistic attitude to express her views and understand the consequences of each examiner.”This is actually a state of life that many people yearn for very much, but it is not easy to do, which requires a strong sense of security to support the mentality.In the battle of dance interviews, there have also been “freestyle battles” spontaneously joined by many other books this year, without letting go of any opportunity to show oneself.”Be aware that this behavioral response during an interview actually requires very strong self-confidence to support it.”Because every presentation and every sentence in the interview may decide whether you have a chance to enter the program.”This is precisely the time when the young people are so highly recognized and confident of themselves that they will be more courageous in the pursuit of dreams than in the 80s and 90s.[The biggest fear]Keyword (On the topic of fear, most documents are more afraid of being denied, misunderstood and ignored.In addition to what is shown in the chart, the questionnaire results also include vengeance, doomsday, thunder, old age, wrong words, etc. 14 answers all get a vote) The ancient spirit is strange, the “goal sense” of the sky and the sky is a common traitOpenness and rapid iteration of online social media provide young people with diverse and free choice and expression space.Different backgrounds and different experiences also give rise to more prominent personalities and attitudes among young people today.For example, in the 101 answers to the girls who created the camp this time, they have 101 different understandings of themselves.For example, some people want to have the talent to understand the languages of various countries, and some people want to control time, or be able to speak with animals.And the talent most wanted to be possessed is “memory”. Nearly one-fifth of the girls laughed at their memory.[Talent I want most]The keywords for my “most striking traits”, the creative camp girls’ answers include “stroke ears”, “dialects”, “gender girls”, “like expression packs” and so on.s answer.[Most eye-catching traits]Keywords (On the topic of eye-catching traits, most of the documents record one-way answers, some funny, some positive energy, some a little playful?In addition to the picture above, there are more than 30 answers to the questionnaire results, such as cute, self-disciplined, easy to gain weight, joyous, and big, all got one vote), Sauna Night also surveyed and collected nearly 1,000 program viewers.It seems that the reason for paying attention to the show is mostly to see the spirit of “unremitting struggle” of young girls, or to be attracted by “character charm”.Nearly 50% of the social population also believe that the most striking traits of contemporary young people are “optimistic attitude”, “smile and confidence”, and they are willing to “work hard.”In essence, according to their observations, this generation of young people are more prominent in the realization of the value of self-existence, so they are more afraid of being “neglected and isolated.””Now the ancient spirits passed by young people are very representative of the appearance of young people today.”Duo Xiaomeng admitted frankly that the young people today are the true generation of netizens. A large amount of information input gives them rich imagination, creativity and multidimensional attitude expression.”Both the state and the expression of personal attitudes are very diverse and out of touch.About the diversified answers to other questions, “the original intention and goal”, we received a reply with a very high synchronization rate-more than 30% of the creation camp girls’ first goal is “to form a group”, in addition to nearly 30%The girls want to “learn more things” and “be seen by more people”.In the feedback of nearly a thousand viewers, their expectations of their pick books are also “grouping” and “showing better themselves”, which is in line with the goals of scholars.[The original intention and goal of the recorded program]The key words (of the 10 questions, only the original intention and goal are the ones with the smallest classification, and one picture can show all). It can be seen that the clear sense of the goal in the future is very obvious for young people today.Traits.Duo Xiaomeng also felt the same when recording the show, “They are a group of girls with very clear goals for everyone.Many people come to the creation camp with different demands, such as forming a group, feeling the process, feeling the industry, etc. Various mentalities enter the program, and after entering, they will find that everyone is step by step according to their own goals.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He Wu Qihan editor Wu Qi Han proofreading Yang Xuli Zhang Yanjun