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Shopping in Japanese drugstores


Shopping in Japanese drugstores

When it comes to Japan, some people think of Mount Fuji, some people think of hot springs, some people think of video games and anime.

Beauty madmen think of drugstores!

Big S said that whenever he went to Japan, he would definitely go to the drugstore and go soft.

This time, as an out-of-the-box beauty madness, this beauty editor swept the drug store on a business trip in Japan!

  Cosmeceutical No. 1 Visiting beauty madmen to heaven For Japanese women, maintenance and breathing are the most natural thing.

Therefore, drugstores are as dense as convenience stores, and you can see one in just a few steps.

I can’t help but sigh sincerely: “Being a woman in Japan, I really don’t want to be beautiful!

“The drug store on the third floor of Shibuya made me run soft. I fell like a mouse into a rice bowl, hee hee.

The dense product display is dizzying, and all are cheap and good quality.

Before I could study the efficacy of each product in detail, I was urged by my colleagues.

Fortunately, I have already done my homework before I go. Regardless of the three or seventy-one, I will first collect a few star products praised on the beauty forum!

  Cosmeceuticals No. 2 shopping wallet encounters challenges The second visit to cosmeceutical stores is a very elegant second-floor store on Omotesando.

Before I went in, I made a secret decision. No matter who urged me, I had to walk around carefully and scan the goods.

Fortunately, the people who have been with me have already been “lost” in the assortment of shelves quickly, so I dragged the shopping basket and started to scan the goods one by one.

  Unconsciously, it took more than an hour in this drug store, and the shopping basket was full and could not be moved.

The makeup artist who accompanied me shouted, “I’m not as crazy as you!”


At the checkout, watching the numbers accumulate, I couldn’t help sweating my forehead.

Someone persuaded me to give up a few things, but I was always reluctant to pick and choose.

In the end, I had to take out my credit card, oh oh . there is always one of the 3rd visits for medicated cosmetics that is suitable for your last visit, which is in Takeshita Street.

No one in the industry will go into the drug store anymore, but as a beauty fanatic, I ca n’t help but walk in.

I have bought a soft hand, I have a lot of sense this time, talk to the clerk and let her recommend.

The clerks here are pretty good at English. Being able to communicate easily is really overwhelming.

  In the drugstore, the clerk carefully removed makeup for me, then tested the foundation color that suits me best with the instrument, and finally recommended a foundation liquid that suits me best and gave me a try.

After struggling to communicate through “simple English + sculling + reading Chinese instructions”, she also recommended me eye creams and day creams.

Finally, I marked the use method on the manual and gave me a lot of samples, which is really intimate!

  Famous Japanese brands sold domestically, such as Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose, etc., have a richer range of products to choose from in Japanese drugstores, usually with a discount of about 70%, and more sample gifts.Become very cost-effective.

In addition, there are some popular brands and hot series that have not yet entered China, and you must pay special attention to Japanese drugstores!


The super moisturizing JUJU JUJU is hot in China by Niu Er and Kevin of “Woman My Biggest”. It is sought after by beauties for its top-selling moisturizing products in Japanese drugstores. Some readers once called the newspaper for consultation.When I asked, “Is the JUJU mask good?

“Since it’s so hot, of course you can’t miss it.

  JUJU’s products have always been very popular in Japan, because JUJU’s products do not contain fragrance, preservatives, mineral oils and pigments, so it will not hurt skin and allergies, and there will be no waste.

JUJU’s products are refined from pure plants, so the effect is obvious, and it is not even low in Japan.


Doctor for sensitive skin

Ci: Labo translated as Shi Libao or Dr.
Shigeno, known as the Japanese cosmeceutical, because each of its products is effective and mild and non-irritating.

The founder of the brand, Dr. Jono is the Chief Dean of the Jono Clinic. He is one of the few military laser treatment doctors in Japan and has more than 50,000 medical records.

  Dr. Lei, who has made rapid progress since its establishment
Ci: Labo, is also receiving a lot of attention in Japan.
Japan’s major women’s fashion magazines, cosmetics professional magazines introduce a series of special products.

Dr.Ci: Labo has female advocates of all ages in Japan. Its second-line series LaboLabo is more suitable for young skin and the price is relatively cheap.


In August 2005, Shiseido launched a new makeup brand, Maquillage, to replace the PN series, which is famous for fashion and beauty.

Maquillage in French originally meant “make-up, makeup”, just to explain the self-confidence of modern mature women who actively mastered and created life and makeup.

  The Maquillage collection includes basic makeup such as base makeup, eyeshadow, lipstick, and makeup.

In addition to the neat, simple pink pearls on the black background to reflect the texture, the newly developed black pupil technique is also used.

This brand invited four Japanese super-popular female stars as spokespersons to convey aesthetic concepts with life-like images. These commercials will also be displayed in drugstores, which is really beautiful.


The most loved by young girls is the magic mirror, a brand with a spell-like name, also from Shiseido, Japan, which went on sale in 2003.

“MajolicaMajorca” stands for magical magic, to satisfy women’s care that “with only a small change, they can become the beautiful look they expect.”

The entire brand appeals to girls who are 18 to 25 years old and have autonomy for beauty.

  The packaging of each make-up product of MajolicaMajorca is printed with a legendary bird and Latin logo, and it is accompanied by 7 different symbol maps for annotation, so that the brand exudes the power of a mysterious legend.

As an open shelf brand, the price of Majolica Majorca is around 380?
From 1,400 yen, everything from base makeup to key makeup is available.


The natural style of SANA SANA’s soy milk series is currently an attraction on major beauty forums and shopping sites because it is cheap and easy to use.

Founded in 1986, SANA was developed by Japan’s Noevir Corporation.

SANA, which “makes women shine every moment”, takes the route of good quality and low price. Currently, it can be sold in more than 20,000 drugstores in Japan.

  SANA has been focusing on developing the charm of traditional Japanese beauty.

Therefore, in the choice of ingredients, it follows the natural style route, such as soy milk, silk, seaweed, pepper, etc., and the packaging is mostly based on Japanese style, such as traditional Kabuki.

SANA also often introduces limited editions of star products, which has become a hot topic.


Cheap and super easy to use KATE KATE is a brand of Kanebo, taking the cheap route.

The spokesperson for her eyeliner is Mika Nakashima who plays NANA. I believe many girls will become KATE fans because of her.

This brand’s make-up is the cheapest and most beautiful, especially the eyeshadow tray, which has repeatedly ranked on the top of the Japanese fashion magazine “Eye Shadow Palette Selection” because it is rich in color, reasonable in combination, and easy to color.

  The best online evaluation is the five-color eyeshadow tray. In fact, KATE’s three types of eyeshadow boxes have their own advantages.

The five-color eyeshadow box has many colors and is easy to match.

The two-color diamond-shaped eye shadow is easy to use, because the area is large, it is OK to apply makeup with your fingers.

Z-type 4-color eye shadow is most reasonable. The area of color that needs to be applied on a large area is large, and the area of color for eyeliner is small.