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2017 Snooker Masters first round O’Sullivan vs Liang Wenbo live broadcast address_1

2017 Snooker Masters first round O’Sullivan vs Liang Wenbo live broadcast address
On the evening of January 15th, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker Masters will kick off the battle. Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Fu Jiajun, three Chinese players, can play against O’Sullivan, Selby, Higgins and other stars£200,000 championship bonus.CCTV Sports Channel and Sports Events Channel will also broadcast some of these events.At that time, the live video address of the game will be brought to you, so stay tuned.2017 Snooker Masters O’Sullivan vs Liang Wenbo live broadcast address: CCTV5 + (CNTV without plug-in) CCTV5 + (without plug-in) During the CCTV5 + (no plug-in) Masters, CCTV will broadcast live night intervals on sports channels or sports events channels (starting at 21:00)The live broadcast of the game will also start after the sports world program in advance.According to the 2017 snooker master schedule schedule (Beijing time), the first round of the master schedule: January 15th 21:00 O’Sullivan vs Liang Wenbo January 16th 03:00 Ding Junhui vs Karen Wilson in January16th 21:00 Higgins vs Mark Allen January 17th 03:00 Bingham vs Joe Perry January 17th 21:00 Trump Trump vs Fu Jiajun January 18th 03:00 Robertson vs阿里-卡特1月18日21:00塞尔比vs马克-威廉姆斯1月19日03:00墨菲vs巴里-霍金斯大师赛签表:上半区1 /奥沙利文-梁文博  2 /Robertson Carter 3 /Trumpo Fujiajun 4 /Higgins-Allen 2nd half 1 /Bingham-Perry 2 /Ding Junhui-Wilson 3 /Murphy-Hawkins 4 /Selby WilliamJames extended reading: 2017 Snooker Masters online video live broadcast address