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San Futian sweats not eat bananas in vain

San Futian sweats not eat bananas in vain

San Futian diet points: salt and sugar to add polymers, eat more vegetables, bananas to supplement the body’s lack of vitamin B and potassium.

  Just entered the ambush yesterday, the scorching sun has roasted us with sweat, and our appetite has deteriorated.

“Three Futian” northerners have the custom of eating pasta, Futian will eat dumplings, pancakes, noodles.

There is no such custom in the south. The sweat is flowing and the appetite is very bad.

  Wu Xiuying, deputy chief physician of the Department of Health Care of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine believes that the “three volt days” is aimed at sweltering, food should be light and easy to digest, eat less greasy and spicy food, and it is easy to sleep and sweat in summerMany characteristics, she made the following dietary recommendations.

  Sweating more, bananas to supplement potassium, high temperature in summer, sweating a lot, the body loses the most B vitamins and potassium, sodium and other minerals.

To supplement these substances, eating watermelon alone is not enough.

Xiuying introduced that bananas and citrus fruits contain the most potassium in fruits. You can eat more.

  In addition, if you sweat a lot, pay extra attention to replenishing water and electrolytes. If the body lacks electrolytes, many physiological functions will stop and the balance of human body water and acid and alkali will be disrupted.

So the best drink in summer is one that provides enough electrolytes for the body.

  If you have a lot of activity under the hot sun, you can choose a sports drink. This drink contains both sugar and salt. Sugar can replenish physical strength, and salt can replenish the body’s sodium loss with sweat.

Or DIY salt and sugar water, add a little sugar and salt in boiling water.

  Porridge is delicious. Add cold vegetables to the northerners to eat noodles. Southerners prefer porridge.

Drinking porridge in summer is also very seasonal.

Porridge is more hydrated. Second, porridge is easier to digest and absorb.

But just drinking white porridge, the nutritional content is not sufficient.

According to Xiu Yingying, a nutritionally qualified precipitate can include trace amounts, starch, protein, and vitamins.

White porridge contains starch, you have to match other foods to supplement the remaining nutrients.

  For example, you can use mashed garlic and vinegar as a cold salad to sterilize and refresh your vitamins.

For example, take cucumber, mix winter melon, mix beans, mix dried beans, mix tomatoes, etc., or take a portion of vitamin B-rich green vegetables, butter wheat.

You can also add fish fillets to the porridge, and grind the porridge together with the minced meat, that is, supplement the aunt and protein.

Only then can nutrition be balanced.

  The bitter summer is the time of suffering. You can add bitter gourd and lettuce, such as moisturizing and fire-extinguishing food, to your diet.