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Remind you that your body has to gain weight again 10 times

Remind you that your body has to gain weight again 10 times

Did you find that the bad habits of the past have slowly emerged?

Here are six easy-to-find signals that let you know if you are starting to change tracks and tell you the appropriate strategy.

Be wary of these phenomena, you can take measures before the weight gain of 5 pounds, so as not to give up.


It was found that only one fit of the overall weight of the pants may have a lot of clothes can not be worn.

Can you only wear skirts or loose clothes?

In order to keep abreast of our weight, we recommend wearing a fitted outfit and a waist top.


I started to feel the elegance and vitality. I don’t know where to go?

Even if you only add 5 pounds, it may be that your daily life and image have a big impact.

If you can regain the excitement and self-confidence when you are slim, will you let you find the skill again?

Think about how you can get back to that feeling.


There has been no weight measurement for a month. According to a medical association (IOM) report, the two most basic factors in maintaining weight are tracking weight and maintaining contact with other weight loss groups.

The reason is: weight can be increased rapidly in a short period of time, can not help; chat with “common people” will remind you of the results you have achieved.


Excess meat highlights whether it’s a rocking upper arm, a thick thigh, or a tight leg – some parts of your body may be sending you an emergency signal.

In addition, the top of the shirt can not hide the excess meat of the abdomen is also a dangerous signal.

It is better to consider strengthening exercise and increase energy consumption.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste.


When you watch TV, eat snacks while surfing the Internet, will you eat when you work and watch TV?

At this time, your attention is not on the food you eat, and there is no control over how much you eat.

The energy of these foods is very high, some snacks, candy, potato chips, melon seeds, etc., there will be a lot of calories to eat.

Try this: use other things instead of eating, such as listening to music at work, standing up and watching TV while drinking tea while surfing the Internet.


I haven’t thought about sports for two weeks. It shows that almost 100% of successful weight-loss people have become a habit of exercising.

Of course, not only in fitness.

You can exercise anywhere in your life, on the way to work, housework, office aerobics, holiday outings, etc. In short, as long as you want to exercise, you can always take time, knowing that health and weight loss are always accompanied by exercise.


I often thirsty and wait until I am thirsty to drink water, afraid to gain weight.

The best drink is always plain water or mineral water.

Drink 1500-2000 ml per day, and increase if you exercise.

Drinking water in a timely manner is not only good for health, but also helps to reject snacks.


Constipation began to appear constipation, and for a long time did not eat vegetables and fruits.

Cellulose is a must-have food that maintains a feeling of fullness, reduces body absorption of impurities, and prevents constipation.

Moreover, the daily demand for cellulose in adults is 40-50 grams, many people can not eat this number, so it is difficult to adhere to weight loss, soon hungry, and often constipation.
In the diet, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the food supplemented with cellulose. It is not enough to eat, and it should be supplemented with fiber supplements.

Some people who refuse to eat staple foods do not eat staple foods, some kind of rice steamed buns, etc., and think that they are very high.

I don’t know that ignoring the staple food will cause a lack of basic transformation.

Lack of sugar in the diet can cause malnutrition, low blood sugar and even damage to the brain and liver.

Every meal can not eat staple food, some miscellaneous grains, have great potential for weight loss and good health.


It’s a bit boring to stop planning your own diet plan in advance, but it can make you eat healthy and satisfy your food – it won’t increase because of casual diet.

Dietitians point out that food companies aim to increase market share – they often use free gifts, discount coupons and TV commercials to promote high-content, high-content foods.

Success and failure are often separated by a line, even if it is a little bit of planning results will be different.

  No matter what makes you feel that your weight is rebounding, the most important thing is to use this signal as an alarm and let yourself return to a healthy state of life in time.

If you can maintain your own results, you can continue to enjoy health and beauty, and your self-confidence will improve, and you can enjoy an elegant and energetic lifestyle!