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Cool tricks in midsummer

Cool tricks in midsummer

The entire Northern Hemisphere seems to be scorching hot recently, so the citizens of the earth are using their brains to find a cool way: wonderful, interesting, weird, amazing, no matter how different, as long as it can be cool, then try it.


hzh{display:none;}  1.Entering the meditation “Quietness and natural coolness”, popular among white-collar workers to replace the cultivation has been stopped, decompression, looking for inner peace, self-cultivation . The ultimate goal is not to believe in things other than life, but to let us knowYourself.


“Diving” into the hot summer at the bottom of the sea is the most active time period for diving fans. The reset is due to the obsession with the underwater world. The replacement is also to avoid summer heat.

From 40 ° C on the water surface to 20 ° C underwater, there are many tropical fishes in the company, and the feeling is refreshing to the bottom of my heart.


There is no doubt that soaking in the water park is wet. The wet body is the best way to cool down in hot days, so find a water park to sprinkle some wild.


Cooling the home physically Does the home feel extremely hot without turning on the air conditioner?

If so, then your home needs a physical cooling.

Put away the warm and warm colors that you like in winter, and try changing to the light, blue, and green colors that you like in summer. How about it?

Black and white is also very cool.


Have you noticed that your fresh short hair has been cut out by the female stars in fashion circles recently?

Short hair has become a trendy hairstyle for women across the world. Another benefit of short hair is that it is cool. As for men, baldness is also an option.


The reason for the cool SPA in summer is the temperature, the subcutaneous cells are vigorous, the secretion of oil will increase, and the time that the pores are open is also significantly increased. The skin care ingredients in the SPA are most likely to exert its effects.

It can also consume a lot of speed, and promote the decomposition and transformation of temporary cells.


“Terror” Naliang method watching ghost films in the hot summer is the wisdom of life in Japan since ancient times.

Compared with European and American horror films, Japanese horror films pay attention to psychological horror. They change the plot and fall and fall, and the viewers are scared out of cold sweat. This method of keeping cool is somewhat “perverted”, but it is also a small recipe for two goals.


It’s hot with hot tapping. Do you still drink hot tea?

Yes, the so-called negative is positive, and hot attack is the trick.

Hot tea focuses on the hot word, it can expand blood vessels, promote sweat glands, make sweating smoother and lower body temperature.


Even if desolate doesn’t buy things, shopping in the mall is a great way to eliminate summer.

Because there are few rest areas in department stores and mainly only shopping areas, you are more recommended to go to shopping malls.

In addition to the brand-name stores, there are restaurants, cinemas, skating rinks, beauty salons and other projects. You will not feel bored all day long.


Forget-me-not Museum has a different cool world in the museum.

In addition to the help of air conditioning, the exhibits in the museum can be amazing to see the changes of the 5,000-year history, or to appreciate the beautiful works of art. The museum can sublime the boring life and make you temporarily forget the heat.


Quickly relieve a popsicle, a glass of cold drink, a bottle of ice-cold drink, take a sip, and it is instantly cool, even if you breathe white mist, it is cool.


Cold jokes If you are born timid and have a little sense of humor, cold jokes will be a cool dose of summer.