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Pay attention to the ten performances of men’s vanity!

Pay attention to the ten performances of men’s vanity!

1. Never criticize his mother in person, it will hurt his feelings.

At every turn, “What’s your mother .”, the wife “I’m much better than your mother” makes her husband daunting. Remember, never want to behave better than his mother.

  2. Don’t embarrass his “romantic view”, this will hurt his self-esteem.

  3. Don’t make his eating habits or bad habits public announcements.

What he tells you doesn’t have to be your advertising neighborhood, friends, men are most jealous of partners often mentioning his “secret” in front of friends, especially his bad habits.

However, you might as well praise him in front of others, such as excellent work, high-quality clothing, and superb cooking skills.

  4. Don’t praise another man for his weaknesses, he will feel looked down and scorned.

Men are generally insecure about same-sex. If you mention the advantages of other men to compare with him, it may disturb him.

Therefore, try to compare your husband with other men as little as possible, and make him feel better than other men.

  5. When you see a beautiful woman, if he looks more closely, if you are ridiculous, he will be very unhappy.

Every man likes beauty, whether he admits it or not.

A smart woman spurs her boyfriend like this, and actively points to a beautiful woman who is connected to him and asks her boyfriend: Is she beautiful?

(Don’t ask, is she more beautiful than me?


) The correction effect will be better than that of Jeon Ji Hyun.

  6. Don’t endlessly persuade him to increase his promotion or raise his salary or “hop”.

Obviously, women with this idea often have a strong vanity, the so-called “married wife and noble wife”; usually, they often have a strong attachment, the so-called “only vine-wrapped trees, how can there be trees vine-wrapped.
In order to satisfy their vanity and inclusion, they did not hesitate to put pressure on their husbands.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with encouraging your husband to work hard, but if you do not create pressure according to the actual situation, it may be counterproductive.

  7. Don’t talk about what “role” men play in the family, because he still believes in subconsciously that doing housework harms the dignity of the man’s “big husband.”

  8. Don’t talk about his “baldness”, this will make him feel fear and fear of losing its attractiveness in the eyes of women.

  9. Don’t retina his “waistline”.

  10. Don’t ask him about the use of “private money”.

Men even need private house money to consume tobacco and alcohol, but also need enough activity expenses to meet daily entertainment; private house money has not only foreshadow equality between men and women, but also a material support under spiritual crisis.

  Mutual respect between two people is the basis for maintaining a good love and marriage. This kind of thinking must not only be in the heart, but also be expressed in language. It is believed to be trust. It seems to want to hold a hand of fine sand.Missing in the seam, gently lifting it to make it full.