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Poor sleep, careful hair loss

Poor sleep, careful hair loss

The problem of hair loss was once a common disease of the elderly in the elderly population. Many young people also began to suffer from hair loss early. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are some direct relationship between hair loss and sleep.

  First, sleep is not good, and hair is the most vulnerable.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the bad condition of hair (some whitish, hair loss, dry hair, crisp, yellow, etc.) is related to kidney deficiency.

The biggest cause of kidney deficiency is that the quality of sleep is not high. This includes not only the insomnia caused by sleep or shallow sleep, easy to wake up, but more importantly refers to bad sleep habits.

  According to foreign data, when the cerebral cortex is active, the nutrients consumed account for a quarter of the body’s total metabolism and daily activities.

The scalp tissue is only supplied by the collateral branch of the carotid artery.

The more excited the brain, the more blood is transported from the carotid artery to the brain. On the contrary, the blood transported to the collaterals is continuously reduced. Over time, the hair tissue becomes less elastic due to insufficient blood supply, and is in a thirsty state of nutrition recovery.
If the hair is not nutritious, it will naturally be rare.

  Pulling a healthy hair should have a gray scalp tissue of about two millimeters at the root, and it is soft and elastic. The hair root of the patient with hair loss has only dry and crisp white spots, indicating that the hair root is malnourished.

  Second, it is the best time to sleep from 11:00 to 6:00.

  The ideal sleep mode should start washing at about 10:30 in the evening, then lie in bed, go to sleep at around 11:00, and wake up around 6 am the next morning.

This is the best sleep habit for adults over the age of 18, and it also meets the rules of “Heaven and Man”.

Long-term reversal of work and rest will inevitably affect health.

  In addition, the weakness of the spleen and stomach will also affect the hair, especially women who love beauty, weight loss must be moderate.

Forced dieting or laxatives are highly likely to cause weakness in the spleen and stomach, and insufficient nutrient supply to cause a large shift in hair.

  If you have hair loss, you can eat some hair food such as sesame, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, and black mulberry, etc., which are good for hair, similar to the auxiliary food for hair growth.