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Kasuga Eye Care Practice


Kasuga Eye Care Practice

Q: I usually do a good job of cleaning. Every time I wash my face with a cleanser, I feel that my eyes are very dry. Now I have fine lines that I should not have. What should I do?

  A: It is commendable to insist on cleaning, but do you know?

The skin on the eyes is very delicate, which is definitely not able to withstand the strong cleansing of cleansing milk. Therefore, after washing, the eyes will feel dry, and fine lines will be formed due to drying over time.

After each cleansing with eye makeup remover, rinse with water.

  Q: I’m using a very good cream, but I don’t know why. After using it, my aunt grains will grow around my eyes.

  A: The skin thickness of the eyes is increased to 1/5 of the face. The rich nutritional content of the cream will cause a burden on the skin of the eyes, so the seeds will grow.

Eye cream should be selected instead of face cream for eye care, and younger skin is best to choose a refreshing gel-like eye cream.