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Enjoy pleasure and body

Enjoy pleasure and body

Introduction: Laughter can prevent cancer, improve immunity, improve metabolism, etc. These effects have been confirmed in medicine, which can prevent the laughter yoga from attracting much attention in the medical and welfare fields.

  The origin of Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga was invented in 1955 by an Indian doctor to ease the pain of patients.

The doctor noticed that laughter relieves pain, and incorporates yoga’s abdominal breathing and meditation.

Laughter Yoga was introduced to Japan in 2006, and it has spread throughout Japan in just three years. Now there are about 40 hobby clubs around Japan.

Known as “Like Laugh”, the Kansai area in Japan is even more prosperous, with at least 7 clubs active.

  Features of Laugh Yoga In India, Laugh Yoga is a special yoga modeled on imitating animal expressions, which can quickly stimulate people’s laughter cells and make laughter more than just laugh.

It is said that the least loved country in the world is Germany.

Because of the long-term emotional depression, the German government introduced India’s laughing yoga very seriously and became a fashion in a short time.

At present, there is also the Love Smile Club in the first grade of Shenzhen, and 3,000 people have participated in it.

  Laughing Yoga Method 1, Laughing Yoga Preparation: Walking and laughing in the forest is also a sport, so warming up is just as important.

The scene of practicing Laughing Yoga is usually in an oxygen-rich forest, so walking slowly in the woods is the way to warm up Laughing Yoga.

Walking time can be 10-30 minutes, clap your hands while walking, and take deep breaths from time to time.

The goal is to completely relax your body and emotions in preparation for what follows.

  2. Laughing Yoga Progression: Learn the expressions of animals under the guidance of yogis, activate facial muscles, and then imitate the animal expressions of yoga teachers, such as lions, tigers, apes, and so on.

Indian laughter yoga includes a total of 24 different laughter expressions. These expressions look very funny in their own right, even very restrained people. As long as they do as a yogi, they can naturally immerse themselves in the forest.Full of laughter.

  3, the end of laughter yoga: adjusting the breathing experience after a hearty laughter, facial expressions have been relaxed a lot, sweat has come out, and my mood is also very comfortable.

Like other yogas, laughter yoga requires preparation and collection.

Everyone slowly corrected their smiles, adjusted their breathing, and said to themselves aloud “We are the happiest people in the world” and “We are the healthiest people in the world” while walking in the forest.

After the emotions and heartbeat slowly calmed down, everyone left with ease and joy together.