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Pay attention to your baby’s autumn clothes

Pay attention to your baby’s autumn clothes

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the hospital is full of children who come to see a doctor because of a cold. Too many of them are “covering up” the cold.

Yes, child health doctors said: Seasons change, parents give their babies prematurely, and they may be susceptible to illness if they cover too much clothing.

  Frozen is more “skinned” “Children’s cold is not because they wear less, but because they do not adapt to the low temperature climate, and their immunity is reduced.

The doctor said that the child’s resistance was improved as he gradually adapted to the cold environment.

  Especially children who go to kindergarten, because they often have activities, wear too much to make your baby sweat immediately. If you can’t dry it in time, put on dry clothes, it is more likely to get cold and get sick.

In addition to preparing a few more vests for children, you can also prepare more pads and towels.

  ”Three warmth and one cool” How to dress your baby properly while wearing autumn clothes? “Autumn freezing”, the doctor told parents a little trick to see if the baby is suitable for dressing, as long as “three warmth and one cool” can be ensured, one isWarm hands, warm belly, warm feet, and cool heads.

  Hand warming: Touch your baby’s palm. If it is warm and does not sweat, it proves that you are properly dressed.

  Belly warm: Keeping belly warm is to protect the spleen and stomach. When cold air directly stimulates the abdomen, it will cause stomach pain, which will damage the function of the spleen and stomach, prevent the spleen and stomach from functioning normally and stably, and affect normal digestion and absorption.An important part of your child’s health, wrapping your belly around while you sleep is a great way to keep your belly warm.

  Foot warming: The feet are part of the intersection of yin and yang meridian points, and the skin and nerve endings are rich, which is the most sensitive place to the outside world.

Keep your hands and feet warm to ensure that your body can adapt to changes in the outside climate.

  Head cold: From a physiological point of view, one third of the displacement of a child’s body across the body surface is diverted by the head. If it is covered tightly, it is not conducive to body heat evaporation, especially when the child has a fever.Do not cover your head.

  Do not be in a hurry when your baby is “frozen”. Your child’s body temperature regulation function needs to be perfected.

The doctor reminded that parents can exercise their baby’s cold resistance in three ways.

  Tim clothing step by step.

When the climate is just getting colder, don’t add extra thick clothes to your baby immediately, you should gradually add them gradually.

When sleeping at night, the cover should not be too thick. The interior of the room can be ventilated, so that the baby’s respiratory mucosa can be exposed to more cold air stimulation.

  Appropriate cold exercise.

The easiest way is to get into the habit of washing your hands with cold water, washing your face, and drinking cold water (about 25 ° C is the best).

Because this is a gradual cooling process, children are generally able to adapt, and the effect is significant.

  Take part in outdoor activities.

In order to improve the ability to resist cold and disease, as long as the weather permits, you can take your children to the plank activities.