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304 years ago, Kangxi Dictionary was finally compiled into a book

304 years ago, “Kangxi Dictionary” was finally compiled into a book
The compilation of the “Kangxi Dictionary” started in the 49th year of Kangxi (1710), and was completed in Kangxi’s fifty-five years (January 13, 1716), which lasted six years, so the name of the book was “Kangxi Dictionary”.Compiled by General Assembly Officer Zhang Yushu and Chen Tingjing, the compilation officers Ling Shaowen, Shi Kui, Zhou Qiwei, Chen Shiru, Jia Guowei and others worked together to complete the book.”Kangxi Dictionary” was selected as the ancient dictionary with the most Chinese characters in China by the World Recording Association of China.(After modern times, there are more Chinese character dictionaries than “Kangxi Dictionary”.) “Kangxi Dictionary” is China’s first dictionary of Chinese characters named after a dictionary.Kangxi was the fourth place of the Qing Dynasty, and the second emperor of the Qing Emperor Qingxin Ai Xinjueluo Xuanye after the Qing army entered the customs.Xuan Ye was born on May 4, 1654, so when the “Kangxi Dictionary” was written, the Emperor Kangxi was 62 years old.Wei Xiaobao is a fictional character in Jin Yong’s novel “Deer Ding Ji”. He will become friends with young Kangxi because of his destiny, and later appeared in various adaptations of film and television.According to the description in the book, Wei Xiaobao is two years younger than Kangxi (although Wei Xiaobao himself did not know his birthday), that is, he was born in the thirteenth year of Shunzhi (1656).1669), Wei Xiaobao should be around 13 years old and Kangxi is 15 years old.Therefore, when the “Kangxi Dictionary” was written, if Wei Xiaobao was still alive, it should be exactly 60 years old.