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Correct not to gain weight, but also to keep healthy

Correct not to gain weight, but also to keep healthy

We have determined the significance of the staple food to the health and quality of life of the human body, and we should know how to scientifically and healthyly mix the staple foods.

Some carbohydrates should be eaten more, and some carbohydrates should be moderate.

Healthy eating, we will not be fat, healthy in the future, and full of benefits.


How much staple food do you eat every day?

So how many staple foods do you eat each day to ensure adequate supplementation of glucose to meet people’s daily needs?

A typical adult woman can absorb about 250 grams of staple food per day, and a male can increase to 400 grams.

The sources of cereals are very rich, including rice, noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and so on.

Among these glucoses, healthy and low-fat high-quality glucose is preferred first.


The confrontation between coarse grains and refined grains.

In ancient times, most of the staple foods people eat were coarse grains.

With the development of the food processing industry, the original cereals are beyond recognition.

Most of them are processed into “refined suede” into refined flour, which is used to make taro, bread and cake that are easier to enter.

Even the coarse grains we often say have undergone modern processing or starch denaturation technology to become more delicate and delicious.

These refined foods are easily absorbed by the body, which leads to new problems in human blood sugar control.

In order to prevent the human body from becoming an easily absorbed accumulation, we should choose more coarse grains of crude fiber ingredients such as beans, oats, and coarse rice in the diet.


Please be alert when eating staple food.

After enjoying the aunt’s delicious taste, I can no longer stand the boring taste of oil-free food.

Whether you are buying supermarket food, restaurant friends, or family dinners, you can’t avoid sorghum food.

In fact, we are often tempted by the unfortunate fragrance.

For example, we like the sweetness of cream, like the smoothness of animal fat, like to make the oil-free vegetables and salads shine, and add the flavor of animal oil.

  With the unfortunate wand, boring high-melting foods like vegetables and cereals are also dramatically transformed into very delicious and energy-absorbing foods.

A reasonable combination of impurities and impurities can balance the daily impurities of the human body. To ensure the reasonable quality of impurities, it is first necessary to control the absorption of “oil”.

Among all cooking oils, olive oil should be the first choice, and cooking should be as simple as possible to avoid frying and frying.

More cooking can basically benefit from the more flavor of the food, but also healthier and more beneficial.