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Interpreting the Psychological Characteristics of the Leftovers

Interpreting the Psychological Characteristics of the Leftovers

A marriage investigation report pointed out that the biggest reason for the majority of singles in Beijing is that the social circle is too narrow and the opportunities are too few.

Expert analysis shows that the acceleration of the urbanization process and the expansion of universities have led to a large increase in population density, which has accelerated the movement of people to make friends and social circles at the same time, which often causes the familiar social circles to be reduced.Near thirst.

  First, the dead waiting type Tie Ning said, the old man of Bingxin told her that you don’t need to find it, you have to wait.

Tie Ning always remembers what the old man said.

As a result, first-class is 50 years.

She has enough patience for love.

Because she said that she has higher expectations for marriage and would rather not have a doable marriage.

  Modern people are free and easy. We won’t get married because we are old, and we won’t get married just for getting married!

However, who in our lives can endure being lonely and growing old with ourselves?

After all, people like Tie Ning who have enough patience to wait for 50 years are few.

Who dares to say that he can live alone optimistically?

Life always needs to find someone to come and grow old.

  Therefore, Zhang Ailing said this sentence: I want you to know that there are some people in this world who are waiting for you, no matter what time, no matter where, anyway, you know that there are always such people.

It is the warmest solace to the lonely guards.

  Second, the definition of blind date blind date is through the matchmaker’s communication, the date agreed by the man and the woman, once seen as a product of the old era, the blind date is popular in the current Beijing love scene, various blind dates have been staged, diversified.

“Marriage for children”, “Internet marriage”, “TV marriage” . Among them, marriage on the Internet has become the most convenient and easy translation of “leftover men and leftover women” in the E era.

Some experts predict that the blind date method will continue to become a part of the lives of lovers in the future.

  It is undeniable that the effect of blind dates is difficult to estimate.

Especially stupid older youths do not have the courage to fall in love, have no confidence in themselves, and stay away from the opposite sex. They do need matchmakers, otherwise it will be difficult to sell.

However, the blind date has come, and if the good thing has not yet been done, the expectations of the blind matter will be greatly reduced.

It’s like buying a lottery ticket. If you buy a lottery, you won’t miss a penny. When you see the lottery ticket, you will warn yourself not to be stupid.

So my heart is quite resistant to a blind date, a game that puts men and women who don’t know each other together and tell you to get married.

However, man is a contradiction, and he does n’t even believe in a certain thing, but it ‘s still worth trying again. A dead horse is a living horse doctor. Maybe the fate will come at some point.

Therefore, various funny or sad dating dates will be staged every so often.

  Third, everyone in the game has their own love, but when love is declining in the face of reality, people begin to feel helplessly, treat emotions with a game attitude, and go to one-night stand with an empty heart.What about after dating?

The passion that I had last night is gone. Men say that women are emotional animals, and women love fantasy. They think they can use their bodies to retain men, so they start to use the body flag intentionally or unintentionally to please men, so it ‘s true for men.They are hooked, they will not let go of their prey, and they will not cherish the prey they have obtained. At the same time, the cycle will happen in the past, so someone looks at Hongchen and sees through the love, so the feelings are so numb that they would rather be single and not get married.

  In a society based on marriage, the marriage system is considered to be the most stable system in social management. The mutual possession of husband and wife is considered to be the most reliable relationship among all relationships. Therefore, marriage is consideredNatural destination.

As a result, singles outside the marriage have been discriminated to some extent from ideas to institutions.

Therefore, leftovers are not conducive to social stability.