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[How to make mustard shred with nose]_How to make_How to make

[How to make mustard shred with nose]_How to make_How to make

Anyone who has eaten mustard knows that mustard is a kind of particularly nasal stuff, and mustard is mainly a powdery thing touched by the root of mustard. Now that mustard is so smelly, presumably mustard is not bad, it really looks like everyoneI think that mustard itself is also a kind of pungent dish, but it has many benefits to the human body. It is commonly used to match the preserved egg with the preserved egg mustard soup. It can also be used to make mustard.What about silk?

Ingredients: 200 kg of mustard head, 1 kg of radish?
300 grams production method: 1.

Selection: First pick fresh and insect-free mustard heads, remove roots, stems and stems, wash and cut into 2?
3 mm thick diamond block.

Then remove the roots of the fresh radish without bran heart, clean the stems, and rub them into filaments.


Cook: Put the mustard pieces in an aluminum pan, add water until the mustard pieces are immersed, do not cover the pot, and cook over high heat until the pieces are slightly rotten.


System: Take a clean and tightly sealed jar, place half of the shredded radish on the bottom of the altar, and fish the cooked mustard pieces into the altar while hot, sprinkle the other half of the shredded radish on top, and quickly seal the altarThe temperature inside the altar should let it drop slowly.

Winter is too low in winter, can be properly covered with a small quilt, until it is cooled before eating.

When you eat, you can drizzle with sesame oil and vinegar. Its taste is sour, spicy, fresh, and fragrant. Its color is red and white, which is very attractive.

Note: The unique flavor of this dish is the spicy nose.

If you do n’t know the trick, the spicy dishes will not have a strong spicy taste.

When cooking mustard, do not cover the pot. Otherwise, the mustard has no spicy and bitter taste.

When the mustard is placed on the altar, it must be mixed while it is hot, and immediately sealed, so that the temperature in the altar slowly drops.

Here’s the trick for making spicy dishes.

In addition, don’t stain the oil when you open the altar, otherwise it is easy to mold.

Don’t open too many times, so that the spice will not run away.

Precautions for pickled mustard When pickling mustard, we must pay attention to choose those mustard that are strong and have a greenish appearance, and when pickling, be sure to mix the mustard shredded with the seasoning, otherwise the mustard shreddedIt will affect the taste after pickled.