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Singles to the end

Singles to the end

Every woman has her own way of guarding her feelings, and some will choose a second love to cover up the first love, or they will just let themselves flood and get drunk.

I think, choose a life and face it alone, let yourself rise from that relationship, look at yourself with a third eye, and then give yourself direction and relief.

  Being single is a way of life. A single woman can take more care of herself, understand herself, and know herself.

I can say that I love myself more than I love others. In my dialogue with myself, I can learn about my shortcomings, emotional confusion, the edge of the city, think about where and where you are, you can know yourselfWhat should be done and what is being done now.

  The nature of being single determines that you have no one to care about you and no lover to care for you.

Everything must be done on your own, without thinking about everything in detail, from home furnishings to work decisions. You know what you should give up.

Regulate the rhythm of life and make yourself more comfortable with material comfort.

  I am single because I love myself more than others ‘plaster. I do n’t have to worry about whether the eggs for breakfast are burnt and the juice is too light. I do n’t have to make too many commitments and responsibilities for love.Woman, because a good woman knows how to protect herself from being hurt.

I have my own circle of friends, and when you are interested, you can set up an oolong together.

Girlfriends are broken or unhappy, and I can listen or scold those little men for their disappointment.

  A single woman can do many things, go shopping alone, drink tea alone, read a book alone, soak in a bar, enjoy the afternoon sun alone, and watch a video of herself with a stomped window .What people can’t do is emotion.

So this is also the price to pay for being single.