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2017 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Skill Challenge, Three-Point Shootout Live Broadcast Address_1

2017 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Skill Challenge, Three-Point Contest live broadcast address
At 9:30 am on February 19th, Beijing time, the 2017 All-Star weekend will enter the second day, and individual events will be staged one after another.What are the highlights of the All-Star this day?The following is the latest game video of the 2017NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Skill Challenge, and Three-Point Shootout Live Address: 2017NBA All-Star Weekend Skill Three-Point Slam Dunk Contest Full-Time Video Recording 2017NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Skill Challenge, Three-Point ContestLive broadcast address: QQ live (no plug-in) CCTV5 (CNTV without plug-in)    skill contest: Thomas wants to avenge last year’s skill game, Thomas lost to Towns eventually, missed the championship, this will obviously make the strongest surface 1.75 meters fullFighting spirit.Due to the advantages of body size, Thomas often tends to take advantage of the skill competition.At present, on the betting website, the assassins have the highest odds to win the championship.This time, can he lose the depression of the champion last year and win the trophy?  Skill contest: the big group who stands out   The rules of the skill contest are: small players and small players PK, big players and big players PK, and then decide a big one and a small one to make the final.Players participating in the big group this year include Cousins, Porzingis, Jokic (replaced Embiid) and Anthony Davis.Cousins will compete with Porzingis, and Jokic will PK Davis.Who can stand out among these four big players?  Three point contest: Thompson is unmatched?In last year’s three-point contest, Thompson overwhelmed Curry with a tie-breaking 27 points in the final and became the three-point contest champion.And this year, Thompson seems to have a tendency to be alone.When Curry was asked by a reporter why he did not participate in the three-point contest, Curry smiled and said that I could not vote for Thompson.  Three-point contest: who will become the big dark horse?  In the three-point game last year, the young Sun Devon Booker suddenly emerged. He and the Splash Brothers entered the finals. With this performance, Booker was appointed by Thompson and will become a future superstar.So who will be the dark horse in the three-point contest this year?Irving?McCollum?Little Gordon?Lowry?Or is it someone else?The question that followed was whether anyone could beat Thompson in these three-pointers?  Slam Dunk Contest: The uncrowned king turned right?  Compared with the three-point contest, there is no suspense in the dunk contest. Without Lavin, Gordon has no opponents. Both the strength and the corresponding odds prove this.Look at his opponents in the slam dunk contest, Jordan Jr., Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr. It is hard to imagine that these people can compete with Gordon Jr. for the championship.Therefore, the only suspense is whether Gordon, who lost to Lavin in the slam dunk contest last year, can take off the hat of the uncrowned king.延伸阅读:2017年NBA全明星赛技巧挑战赛参赛名单公布2017NBA全明星周末扣篮大赛名单:小乔丹、戈登领衔2017NBA全明星三分球大赛参赛球员名单 汤神厄文火爆对决2017NBA全明星扣篮大赛评委名单公布:五大传奇球星阵容鼎盛2017NBA全明星赛比赛赛程时间 最全观看攻略2017NBA全明星赛阵容球员名单 东西部阵容名单介绍