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Drug God founder gathered in Hainan, donated 10 million yuan for leukemia charity fund

“Drug God” founder gathered in Hainan, donated 10 million yuan for leukemia charity fund
On November 11th, Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, and Wen Muye ‘s three directors appeared in Haikou on behalf of the original team of “I ‘m Not a Medicine God”, donating 10 million yuan to the Hainan Boao Lecheng Leukemia Relief Charity Foundation to donate blood for poverty and severe diseases such as leukemiaThe sick provide medical assistance, diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation, and fulfill the mission of the film to serve the society.Director Ning Hao, on behalf of the creator of “I am not a drug god”, donated 10 million to Hainan Boao Lecheng Leukemia Relief Charity Foundation.Sauna, Ye Yan Guo Yanbing / Photographing the event site, Ning Hao as the producer of “I’m Not a Medicine God” talked about the origin of this matter.After the release of “I’m Not a Drug God” in 2018, it has gained a high box office, and it has caused a great topical effect in society, realizing the original intention of the main creator to pay attention to reality.Director Ning Hao felt that this success should not be limited to the film, but also hoped to make some returns for the society, so he consulted with the investors to see if they could make a part of the proceeds to suffer from diabetes and do some social welfare.Investors all agree.One evening, Ning Hao received a long WeChat message from Gu Gang, director of the Hainan Lecheng Administration Bureau, and introduced the franchise policy of Lecheng here to allow international advanced medical devices that are not listed in the country to be tested first in the pilot area, giving patients the ability toThe use of the world’s most advanced medicines and equipment has created convenient conditions for a while.Ning Hao feels that the development concept of Lecheng Pioneer District is very consistent with the humanistic care expressed in the film.In October this year, Director Ning Hao came to Lecheng Pioneer District to conduct relevant inspections, and finally decided to donate 10 million yuan from the movie box office to the charity foundation, which also fulfilled the original commitment of the film to social welfare.作为监制兼主演的徐峥在接受采访时说,“希望有更多的人参与到白血病患者的救助中来,人人都可以成为‘药神’,《我不是药神》里的剧情在现实中No more repeating.”Director Wen Muye said that in the future domestic movies, do not shoot” I am not a drug god “because people have already overcome the disease.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Wang Xin