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Facial cleansing methods for different skin types


Facial cleansing methods for different skin types

If you have too many acne and blackhead problems, if you are radiant, and if you are at a loss for your problematic skin, then it is time for us to learn about the problematic skin when doing facial cleansing. Today XiaobianBe sure to remember the content!

  If you have acne and blackheads, what should you pay attention to when cleaning your skin?

  Wash your face before bathing in winter.

Because the water temperature is often high during bathing in winter, the hot steam in the bathroom makes the pores open. If you do not clean it in advance, the dust and dirt on the facial skin surface will be difficult to clean inside the pores.

  If you have fine lines, use the moisturizing ingredients in cleansing milk and dry skin while removing facial dirt.

Some rejuvenating facial cleansers on the market contain gentle massage particles, which can fully care for the skin while cleaning, so that the skin’s metabolism slowed down by the cold can be promoted and the appearance of fine lines on the surface can be reduced.

  If your race is dark and cold in winter, the pores are tightened, blood circulation is not smooth, and it is difficult to show a healthy complexion.

Therefore, a moderate facial massage every time you wash your face is of great benefit.

From the top to the bottom, spiraling on the face for a few minutes to massage the face can speed up blood circulation, heat the skin, expand pores, expel old epidermal cells, and restore skin to ruddy health.

This method can also improve the skin’s resistance to cold.

  If you have stains, clean skin needs comprehensive protection.

Although it is winter, it can not see through the defense of ultraviolet rays. Using whitening skin care products can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays while moisturizing the skin.

  Oily acne skin is properly cleaned: It is normal for oily skin to have acne. Pay attention to cleaning.

However, it is best not to use too clean products. If the skin’s oil is removed, the skin’s self-defense function will secrete more oil, which will cause oiliness and acne to become more pimple.

Performing concentrated acne repairs once or twice every Wednesday can effectively improve oil production and acne itself.

  Step 1: Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a facial cleanser or a mild scrub.

  Step2: Take an appropriate amount of oil control acne mask and evenly align it on the entire face.

  Step3: Then, you can listen to music in bed and read the book. It is recommended to put your legs to a higher position to enhance the effect of using the mask.

  Step 4: After 5-10 minutes, wash thoroughly with water.

  The air bath removes blackheads with a bit of gel-like scrub, which has the effect of toning and balancing oil secretion. It is especially suitable for oily skin, and dry skin can be eliminated with foam. Moisturizing scrub products can remove blackheads.

  Nasal, forehead, human and chin are common locations of blackheads, and other parts of the location, because the skin is relatively young and vulnerable to abrasion, it is not recommended to use scrubs to clean.

  The steaming machine, the hot steam will expand the pores of the bladder, and it is also the best time to replenish and moisturize the skin.

  Definitely not scrub cleansing or steaming your face. In the end, you can’t forget to apply firming water to restore the pores and firmness.