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British precocious girls reach puberty at 3

British precocious girls reach puberty at 3

British precocious girl Allie Maye 12-year-old girl Hayley Smith in Nottingham, UK, is a rare precocious puberty. She entered “puberty” when she was 3 years old, and repeatedly suffered from “menstrual pain”.Just started the bulge.

It is unbelievable that there are far more than just Hayley British girls who have entered “puberty” at the age of three, and the independent British television has revealed this amazing phenomenon.

3-year-old girl enters “puberty” It is reported that the 45-year-old plan manager David Smith and 41-year-old wife Debbie are from Nottingham, England, and they have a 12-year-old daughter, Hailey.

When Hailey was only 3 years old, she frequently suffered from “menstrual pain” and her mood changed greatly.

Mother Debbie said, “I know something is wrong. After a few months, I noticed that she had more precocious symptoms, such as her tibia also began to bulge.

David and I were very shocked and worried, and we didn’t know what had happened to her.

“Both parents experienced a nightmare. When Hailey was about to celebrate her 4th birthday, Debbie noticed that her daughter began to have obvious premenstrual symptoms.

Debbie was stunned by her findings. She said, “It’s unimaginable for a 3-year-old girl to enter puberty, but everything that happened to her told me that clearly.

“Haley has undergone countless examinations, and she was finally diagnosed with precocity at the age of six.

Although Hailey didn’t really start menstruation until she was 8 years old, the fact that she had entered adolescence since the age of 3 made her parents feel like they had experienced a nightmare.

Britain’s “precocious puberty”, the 12-year-old Hailey’s body is no different from a mature girl.

In fact, Haley is not the only precocious girl in the UK who has entered adolescence at the age of three.

A recent study showed that the average age of menstruation in British girls is accelerating, the current average age is 10 years and 3 months, while the average age of their mothers is 11 years and 9 months, and the average age of their grandmothersIs 12 years old.

According to an independent television program broadcast, the 7-year-old girl Sha Shannon in Edinburgh, England, had the most “precocious puberty”, because three months after she was born, her mother, Li Cassidy, discovered that her daughter had menstruation.

Is it easy for children to watch too much TV?

It is reported that there are five explanations for the cause of this precocity. One theory is that the improvement of nutrition promotes precocity in children. The second theory is that childhood obesity leads to an increase in precocity. The third theory is that the family environmentChanges can also trigger precocity.

And Italian researchers believe that watching too much TV also promotes precocity.

Italian researchers have found that when children watch 3 hours of television a day, it will affect the release of sleep hormone melatonin, which plays an important role in the time of entering adolescence.

In addition, sexual content on television promotes precocity in children.

The fifth theory is that some chemicals in the current living environment play a role in hormones, disrupting the normal rhythm of sexual maturity and promoting the advancement of human puberty.