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Raptors will dominate the Los Angeles Derby, Leonard scored 30 points

Raptors will dominate the “Los Angeles Derby”, Leonard scored 30 points
Today’s “Los Angeles Derby”, Leonard scored 30 points and 6 rebounds.Before the start of the NBA’s new season, many American media will be the Lakers and Clippers two Los Angeles balls to win the championship hot, today the two teams staged “Los Angeles Derby” at the Staples Center, in the finals of last season MVP LeonUnder Nad’s advance, the Clippers laughed 112 to 102 to the end.Higher than last season, the level of both Los Angeles teams has changed dramatically, and today’s “Los Angeles Derby” is also full of attention.In terms of the Lakers, in addition to James, Kuzma and others staying in the team, Anthony Davis, Cousins, Howard, Danny Green, Dudley and other stars have joined the Lakers to re-enter the championship.The Clippers changed the “dark horse” character of last season. The addition of Leonard and Paul George, two MVP-level superstars, also made them become the favorite to win the championship.Of course, neither side of the campaign played the full force, Kuzma continued to miss the game due to injury, and Paul George, who is still recovering, can only watch the game off the field.From the perspective of the whole game, Anthony Davis’ Lakers played well in the first show, James also steadily scored the quasi-three doubles data, Louis Williams, Harrell and the Clippers super bench also performed well, but each otherThe most sought-after players are actually two former defending champions.In the finals last season, Leonard led the Raptors in the history of winning the championship for the first time, and was successfully elected to the finals MVP, Danny Green is also an important contributor to the team’s championship.However, the offseason just ended, the two became one of the few left players in the Raptors, Leonard joined the Clippers, Danny Green switched to another Los Angeles team Lakers.In this derby, Danny Green made 7 of 9 three-pointers, scored 28 points, and 7 rebounds, limelight over James and Anthony Davis, Leonard is also in the absence of Paul GeorgeNext, he contributed 30 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists to help the New Clippers get a new season starter in such a crucial battle.