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[How to speed up the fire after getting angry]_how to do_how to do

[How to speed up the fire after getting angry]_how to do_how to do

In the hot summer, people are physically inadequate, and the fire is the main cause.

Heavily-flavoured friends like to eat hot pot in both winter and summer, mainly spicy, but after eating, the body will show some conditions, such as aching tongue pain, less food people should use for easy to get angry food.

If the body is experiencing symptoms of fire, then you can learn how to speed up the fire when the fire is lowered.

First, what is eaten when it is on fire? The fire reduction is fast 1. The fire reduction ability of bitter gourd and bitter gourd is serial. Its fire reduction ability is good.Stir-fry until 7 minutes cooked and eat, you can cut into thin slices to dry tea, but do not put sugar, it will affect the effect of eating.

2. In fact, many people know that among the fruits, it is a fruit that can achieve a rapid fire reduction. It is enough to eat a few when it is on the fire. It can not be eaten because it is sweet and cold.

3, green kiwi Cyan kiwi has a very good ability to reduce fire, we can eat it directly, or beat it into juice, it can achieve the ability to reduce fire, and can also add vitamins.

It’s good to eat one kiwi every day.

4, Sydney Sydney can clear the heat and relieve the heat, get rid of thirst, and lower the fire.

After the pear skin is removed, it can be eaten directly. You can place Sydney soup or rock sugar pear, which can beautify the skin, regulate endocrine, and relieve cough and phlegm.

5, mung beans eat mung bean soup or mung bean porridge once a week, can detoxify beauty, acne whitening, weight loss and fat elimination, heat and fire reduction, sterilization and detoxification, and promote gastrointestinal health.

6. Soybeans can be eaten together with boiled water, which can detoxify beauty, clear heat and reduce fire, and detoxify fire.

Soy beans can be cooked with chicken, wolfberry, and ginger, which can delay aging and beautify skin.

Second, what should I do if I get angry?

Lowering fire: If you lower the fire, you can achieve this effect by eating some bitter vegetables. Generally speaking, bitter things can lower the fire.

However, if the body’s cold is heavy, don’t eat too much bitter things, because bitterness and cold are things of the same nature, eating more will increase the body’s cold.

If it’s cold, I don’t recommend eating too much hard food.

If you get angry, you can buy a bitter gourd and a carrot from the market.

Wash the bitter gourd and carrots with water, remove the seeds from the bitter gourd and cut into thin slices, and cut the carrots into slices.

Then put the bitter gourd slices in boiling water and cook for a while to remove the bitterness.

Then remove the bitter gourd and remove the excess water, then put the carrot slices in, add the appropriate amount of salt and stir well to eat.


Rehydration: It is also good to drink more water if you get angry. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty before drinking water. You should develop the habit of drinking water often.

Usually eat more watery fruits, such as grapefruit, white pear.

Don’t eat too many apples if you get angry.


Honey water: Honey is a very good thing. If you eat a lot of it, it will be beauty and moisturize. If you use honey to drink water, it will have the effect of reducing fire.

However, the temperature of the water used to wash the honey should not be too high, otherwise the nutritional content of the honey will be destroyed.

Drink every morning.