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Chinese-style no divorce

Chinese-style “no” divorce

I betrayed, but I did n’t want to divorce. At the time of the interview, my wife was talking to him about divorce, because he brought a girlfriend he knew online to his home.
He said that his betrayal had been premeditated, and that time made the marriage dull. He strongly hoped that the love released would always be rejected by his wife, he expected to find a breakthrough, he betrayed, but he really did not want to divorce.
  Who doesn’t want a warm and comfortable family, and who cares for a gentle and virtuous wife who still wants to have extravagance?
I want to be a man with normal psychology and normal physiology, and never think of divorce easily!
  Now that I am on the verge of divorce, the fuse is on my side, but who is playing a role in fueling the ordinary life behind me?
There is no doubt my wife.
In my wife’s eyes, everything I did was lack of correctness, which made her unsatisfactory.
My derailment was not a temporary impulse, let alone a physical temptation, but a derailment that was prepared and planned.
I want to use derailment to shock a dead marriage, so that my wife has a new understanding and a new attitude towards me.
  Maybe this way looks cruel, but I don’t think it is mean.
  I did not feel so guilty about myself because of my extramarital affairs, but felt that there was such a beautiful and bright glow in the real life around me.
  It’s not her appearance that keeps attracting me.
To be honest, her appearance is like an inequality in mathematics compared to that of my wife.
Her temptation to me comes from her multifaceted and profound knowledge, and her unique way of looking at things.
  Happiness sometimes makes me forget about the existence of marriage, but subconsciously tells me that marriage does exist. I am contradictory in happiness and worry about it while forgetting why.
  Later, due to work reasons, she wanted to work outside the country for a long time. After hearing the news, she felt an indescribable feeling. Was it pain or surprise?
I can’t say for myself, the pain and joy also stem from her temporary departure.
Just after watching the plane go, I went to my wife’s house abruptly.
  Facing the wife who was in tears, and the trust and forgiveness of my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, I felt that the so-called true love thought that I had been pursuing in my inner world collapsed in an instant.
During that sensitive period, while consoling my wife home, I was busy answering my girlfriend’s phone call, and the relationship between love and affection coexisted in this way.
I hate lies, but sometimes they can really find countless reasons to save myself.
The first round trip was out of chasing love, but the current round trip was out of need of his wife.
  The reason why I have been insisting on this marriage is that as smokers cannot do without tobacco, and drug users cannot do without drugs, I cannot do without my wife, which includes my habitual love for her.
  In fact, whether you are married or divorced is a self-choice, no one will force you behind the scenes.
“Happy is together, sad is scattered”, but when it comes to making a choice, I do n’t know how many people are holding back!
  I don’t agree that when there is a dispute between a husband and wife, we always use the weapon of divorce to threaten the other party, because all our efforts are in the name of love.
I can betray because I can give something new, and it is enjoyment for men. This is also the voice of my wife that I want to express while not wanting to divorce.