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Chinese medicine teaches you how to avoid cupping burns

Chinese medicine teaches you how to avoid cupping burns

Some people say, “As long as you often cup, you can’t avoid burns.” Is this correct?


Because clinical practice tells us that the essence of hot pot burns is excessive use of alcohol, which drips on the skin inside the pot, scalding a blood bubble; the flame heats the mouth of the can, which can easily cause the mouth of the can to burn a circle.

Keeping the jar for too long can easily pull up the white blisters.

The first two are true burns, the latter are not burns.

So can you avoid burns in hot pots?

Yes, it is possible, but the following measures must be taken: (1) Watering: Before cupping, apply some water beforehand (warm water in winter).

Applying water can locally cool down and protect the skin from scalding; (2) The flame is toward the bottom of the tank: the flame of the alcohol cotton ball must be directed toward the bottom of the tank. Do not burn the mouth of the tank, and do not apply alcohol to the tank mouth;Short tank retention time: shorten the tank retention time. Don’t make it too long. It will be easy to suck blisters if it is too long. Generally 3?
It can be 5 minutes, and it should not exceed 10 minutes at most.