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Demystifying the Office of Nasty Bugs

Demystifying the Office of “Nasty Bugs”

Strictly demanding yourself in your work is good, but if you talk too much with your colleagues, it will also become a reef for your road to success.
Therefore, no one wants to be an unpopular “hate bug”.
Below is a mirror, please check whether you have inadvertently violated the ban.
  1. Those who reveal secrets are so-called secrets, of course, they will bring out all the privacy based on the trust of their friends, or to show their trust in friends, with hidden secrets that they do not want to publish.
If you heard your private exposure among other people, don’t ask, there is only one traitor.
The betrayed must be annoyed by the friendship and trust they once paid.
If a third party is involved in the secret, it will make things uncontrollable.
Therefore, leaking secrets in good faith or maliciously is a taboo for office friendship.
  2、独自升职者  如果你比好友先升职,恐怕这段友谊很快就变调,因为两人的地位不平等,加上心理上微妙的竞争和比较,酸溜溜的滋味很快弥漫开来,Inferiority fermented by a sense of insecurity will also be blamed.
Of course, no one will give up the promotion because of taking care of the feelings of your friends, but if it happens, remember to understand the other person ‘s mood, make appropriate responses, and give relief as much as possible.
  3. The handsome guy is the most severe test among friends. If the handsome guy expresses favor with one of his friends, it is difficult not to cause harm.
In case two people fall in love with the same man, it is announcing the breakup of friendship.
It’s best to deal with emotional life independently. Before the foundation of love is solid, even the closest friends should not drag together to date a man with an unclear relationship.
Don’t tempt love, and don’t try to feel victorious.
  4. Elderly short-lived 流 If you are extremely keen to spread some low-level rumors, at least you should not expect others to be equally keen to listen.
Sooner or later, colleagues who are “different from different ways” will sooner or later avoid you.
Even if you become a celebrity in the tea room with all kinds of gossips for a while, no one will never treat you sincerely to a rapist who has no cover.
  5. The poison gas attacker is full of complaints and anger, these are the most prominent characteristics of the “spoiler”.
Although the occasional “pushing heart” complaints can more or less create the illusion of “office friendship”, the chattering complaints can make the people around them miserable.
Maybe you see complaints as a way of being open and honest, but when complaints are brought to an end, they will sublime into anger.
People will wonder why, if you are so dissatisfied with the status quo, why not just change the environment and fly away.
  6. Eager bosses: If one of your friends likes to eavesdrop on the boss and fights for favor with the boss, it usually causes the other party to be unaccustomed and affects the relationship.
If you really need to have a knot, just meet them together.
Don’t do small actions privately, make the other party doubt your loyalty to friendship or even your personality, and worry that the usual complaints about your boss will be betrayed by you.
One of the most mind-bending movements in the office is to jointly criticize the boss behind his back. Many colleagues have revolutionary feelings derived from “common enemies.” If you are found secretly watching your eyes, friendship ends.
  7. Public-private indiscrimination: “Public affairs” is also one of the killers of friendship.
Maybe one side thinks that if we are so good, why should we be so strict with me?
Even if something happens, it should cover me.
But the other side thought: Knowing that we are so good, you shouldn’t embarrass me, do things well and let me explain to them, and I shouldn’t get old and kill me!
Failure to reach a consensus in this way will cause a lot of inconvenience and harm, especially if there is an error in official affairs. The situation of mutual blame will cause harm, especially when one of the parties is subject to the company’s punishment. This friendship can no longer be recovered.
I suggest that my office friends find a time to draw a clear line between the public and the private, instead of muttering in their hearts: “How can you do this?
8. Those who reach for money arbitrarily speaking to friends to borrow money can only lead to conflicts among friends.
Those who have opened their mouths but cannot borrow money will blame the other party for being uninteresting and feel that it is usually so good. It turned out to be superficial; those who have borrowed money will feel that friendships have impurities, and they will also worry about whether there is no return.
If you fail to repay the money on time, you may be disgusted by being owed: it is so familiar, it is too much to come with me!
Those who owe money will also be dissatisfied: this situation is as I wish, friends are in distress and see the truth. If one day you are unlucky like me, do n’t you want me to help?
If you add the blame of your family, friendship will not last under pressure.